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Meet Michael Legge

The Mindhealth Coach.

Hi, I’m Michael, the Mindhealth Coach.

An expert in Mindset & communication, I’ll help you get to know yourself at the deepest possible levels. You’ll stop living with fear holding you back and start taking centre stage. And make this one life you have fun, exciting and full of purpose.

As a theatre, television and movie actor, I’ve been on countless stages and film sets.

Having performed in front of over 400,000 people live, I know exactly what it is to feel fear and how the wrong mindset can damage your confidence and connection to others. How it can meddle with your communication, so you don’t come across to others as you wish to. How it can reduce your ambition and creative drive.

Let me help you release all of that, discover who you really are and what you really want. Then together we’ll ensure you get it.

Whether you’re here to up level your mindset or find a more purposeful path in life, I’m delighted you found me and look forward to helping you become more of who you were born to be.


The Michael Ball Show on BBC Radio 2

Listen to Michael’s recent appearance on The Michael Ball Show on BBC Radio 2, talking about the power of a positive mindset.

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The Mindhealth Coach is led by trusted mind health professional Michael Legge who struggled with anxiety whilst at the height of his success as a professional film, theatre and television actor. Developing tools and strategies to help himself, he transformed his mindset and now helps others all over the world to achieve the same results. Michael’s unique skillset and approach to personal development have made him one of the most sought after high performance mindset mentors. His client base includes Oscar winning actors, musicians, presenters and athletes, as well as top level business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. If you want to master your mindset for success, The Mindhealth Coach is designed specifically for you.

The Mindhealth Coach
philosophy is simple.


Complete mindset management for clearer thinking, easier decision making, crafting powerful goals & overcoming obstacles.


Connect deeply with yourself and others. Remove self doubt and discover your inner strength, intuition and purpose. Improve your communication skills to develop broader personal & professional relationships.


Learn habits, practices & tools to radically improve your confidence, productivity & impact. Make your mark.

The Mindset for Life™

The Mindset for Life™ program is designed to help you master the building blocks to a happier, more successful personal and professional life; using cutting edge neuro-techniques, acting skills, strategies & tools. When you have the clarity, connection and confidence to create the impact you were made to, you’ll have everything you need to rapidly build the life you dream of and deserve.

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Meet The Mindhealth Coach

Meet The Mindhealth Coach

Many smart, hard working professionals suffer with a distracted, cluttered mind, often feeling stressed & out of control. I get it, I’ve been there. I help people just like you reignite your enthusiasm for life.

How to remember people’s names.

How to remember people’s names. Never forget a name again A person’s name is often their favourite sound, it makes people feel good when you remember their name, so it’s vital that you remember people’s names particularly in a business environment or when meeting new...

How to improve your relationship.

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How to feel good, whenever you want.

How to feel good, whenever you want. Today you’re going to learn a very simple NLP technique that you can use to feel good, any time you want. And most of us want to feel good as much of the time as possible right? So we just need to set things up. It’s gonna take...

How to calm a racing mind.

How to calm a racing mind.

How to calm a racing mind. You know what happens. You’re worried about something and then you start overthinking, thinking through every bad thing that might happen and before you know it you’re lying in bed trying to sleep but your mind is racing with thoughts and...

How the successful think.

How the successful think.

Success can seem enigmatic & mysterious, but it’s not some mystery to be solved. Although it can feel like this impossible journey when you’re plugging away and working hard, it’s clear that success comes from the quality of our thinking & how we choose to use our own mind.

The number one rule to conquering fear.

The number one rule to conquering fear.

The number one rule to conquering fear. ‘Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will’ - thanks to Suzy Kassem for this quote. A little blunt, but sadly very true. The one thing that can stop us from living the life that we want, is fear. It destabilises us, confuses...