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The Mindhealth Coach is led by trusted mind health professional Michael Legge who struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and low confidence whilst at the height of his success as a professional film and television actor. Developing tools and strategies to help himself, he completely transformed his mindset and now helps others all over the world to achieve the same results. Michael’s unique skillset and approach to personal development have made him one of the most sought after high performance mindset mentors. His client base includes Oscar-winning actors, musicians, presenters and athletes, as well as top level business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. This website is a community and resource for high achieving professionals to learn customised mental tools to help them in their career and life. If you want to master your mindset & release the overwhelm and stress that hold you back from performing at your best and enjoying everything you’ve already achieved, The Mindhealth Coach is designed specifically for you.

The Mindhealth Coach philosophy is simple.


Complete mindset management for clearer thinking, easier decision making, crafting powerful goals & overcoming obstacles.


Connect deeply with yourself and others. Remove self doubt and discover your inner strength, intuition and purpose. Improve your communication skills to develop broader personal & professional relationships.


Learn habits, practices & tools to radically improve your confidence, wellbeing, productivity, creativity & impact. Make your mark.

My coaching, trainings & programs are designed to help you master the building blocks to a happier, more balanced & successful life; using cutting edge neuro techniques, strategies & tools. When you have the clarity, connection and confidence to create the impact you were made to, you’ll have everything you need to rapidly build the life you dream of and deserve.

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