How to feel good, whenever you want.

Today you’re going to learn a very simple NLP technique that you can use to feel good, any time you want. And most of us want to feel good as much of the time as possible right? So we just need to set things up. It’s gonna take just 3 minutes a day for a couple of weeks. If you can invest just 3 minutes in your own neurology every morning, then you will quickly develop the ability to feel good whenever you want.

So let’s get started. Every morning when you wake up take 3 minutes to vividly remember times, circumstances and situations when you felt really good. As you visualise what you saw and hear what you heard, the emotions will start flooding through your body and you’ll start to feel good again.

I usually close my eyes and remember a time when I felt really happy or excited or a time I was laughing so much that I started crying with laughter. Maybe it was a comedy show or a friend said something hilarious, or you felt really proud of yourself for something. See it all happening again in glorious technicolour. Hear what you heard and let your body feel all those wonderful feelings again. When you’re there and your whole body is feeling good, you’re very simply going to click your fingers. You’re going to link that feeling to clicking your fingers. As these gorgeous feelings rush around your body you’re gonna click your fingers. If the good feelings keep going just keep on clicking your fingers.

You feel good, you click your fingers, you feel good you click your fingers. Pretty soon you just need to click your fingers and you’ll automatically feel good because you’ve now linked the neurological – the thoughts, to the physiological – the clicking of the fingers.

So, every morning as soon as you wake up take 3 minutes with your eyes closed recalling the best times of your life and when you feel really good click your fingers. Remember a time when you were having so much fun, too much fun and click your fingers. See the good things you saw through your own eyes. Be in your own body and feel those wonderful feelings and hear the good things you were telling yourself. When you feel happy and it’s in your body click your fingers.

Now, you can be completely in control of your own emotional state, any time you want. You may be starting to feel down or upset, shy or nervous, all you have to do is click your fingers and your gonna help yourself feel good again.

If you want to speed up the process and make the clicking of the fingers an even more intense trigger for feeling good, start clicking your fingers every time you naturally feel good. So perhaps every time you laugh throughout the day click your fingers, when you’re listening to your favourite comedy podcast and you find something particularly funny, click your fingers. When you get a compliment from your boss or your team or feel proud of yourself for something, click your fingers. Your dog makes you smile, click your fingers. You have a big win at work, click your fingers. Any time during the day when you feel good and remember, click your fingers and get that connection super strong. All you’re doing is harnassing those positive emotional states and linking them to clicking fingers, as a trigger. We go through life with so many unconscious negative triggers that make us feel awful so why not make use of this neurological trick to make yourself feel great, whenever you want. We see people on social media skinnier, wealthier, supposedly happier. Our colleague gets a promotion and we don’t, all these things can become unconscious negative triggers so we only have to see someone on Instagram on a beautiful beach, while we’re in the office and we feel shit. But it doesn’t have to be that way, now you can feel good on cue by simply clicking your fingers.

Deliberately set up situations where you know you’re gonna feel good and click your fingers. Watch your favourite comedy with a nice glass of wine and when you’re snorting with laughter, click your fingers. Make an effort to feel good and when you do, click your fingers. This may be one of the best time investments you ever make in yourself and it’s so simple. And it’s free.

When you commit to doing this every day, you’re building up a reservoir of positive emotions and clicking your fingers releases some of the water, the good feelings come out, on tap, whenever you want. The more you fill that reservoir, the better. Soon you’ll have an endless supply of good emotions that will flood your body and mind, on demand. You’re now in control of how you feel every moment of every day. Just remember to dedicate 3 minutes a day for 2 weeks to set it up right, and then you can top up that happy any time you want.

I hope you enjoyed this and it serves you in some way. See you next time for more mindhealth hacks. Until then, mind yourself and others.