How to remember people’s names.

Never forget a name again

A person’s name is often their favourite sound, it makes people feel good when you remember their name, so it’s vital that you remember people’s names particularly in a business environment or when meeting new people for the first time.

The biggest mistake most people make is simply not listening to the name when people introduce themselves for the first time. We’re often focussing not on remembering the name of the person but on ourselves and how we are coming across. To correct this the very first thing you need to do when meeting someone for the first time socially or at work is repeatedly asking yourself whilst focussing on the person ‘What’s your name, what’s your name, what’s your name?’ When we do this we’ll be listening intently for the answer when it comes and most of the work will then be done.

The second thing to do is repeat the person’s name back to them several times whilst imagining their name written on their forehead. Whilst in their company, imagine their name written in black ink on their forehead – I usually think of it with permanent marker for added effect.

The 3rd thing to do is look up to the left and see that persons face with their name tattooed across their forehead. Repeat that name to yourself over and over again looking up to the left and seeing the name in permanent marker across their forehead. This will help the name implant in your unconscious.

The 4th thing to do is practice this every time you meet someone new. Even do it with people you already know to get used to the process. Soon it will happen automatically.

So let’s practice.

  1. Ask yourself ‘What’s your name? What’s your name? My name is Michael.
  2. Now get my name and put it on my forehead and repeat the name several times to yourself and to me during conversation. You’re gonna make me feel good repeating my name having just met me. It shows you listen and care.
  3. Next, look up to the left and see my face with my name tattooed across it and repeat to yourself and out loud if possible ‘Michael’

And that’s it, repeat this process as often as you can when meeting new people and you’ll always remember faces and names as long as you practice it over and over again.

Make it a habit to consistently ask yourself ‘What’s your name?’ with new people so you’re paying attention, Once you hear it tattoo it on their forehead, move the image up to the left, see their name and say it out loud. I often do this when in a room with lots of people to test myself. I’ll go round the room putting peoples names on their foreheads and then looking up to the left and repeating their names to myself over and over again. It can become a fun game you can do to test yourself, when the focus isn’t on you or you’re at a boring dinner party. You’ll amaze yourself and other with your new ability to remember names and faces easily.