Mindset for Life™

Michael Legge

A GAME CHANGER for your mind.
Reinvigorate your relationship with your headspace.

The signature 12 week online program designed to help you take charge of your brain, your career and your life.

Learn how to:

  • focus on your personal & professional growth
  • stop procrastination & overthinking
  • clarify your greatest hopes and dreams
  • determine the unique direction you need to go in
  • reduce anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • increase confidence
  • enjoy more energy
  • feel more secure in yourself
  • connect deeply with yourself and others
  • improve your personal and professional relationships
  • enjoy more success, freedom & happiness
  • live with purpose… and so much more

Success Story

Antje Klos, Germany
Founder of Wonbearful

Is the program right for you?

  • Do you seek to create an impact in the world?
  • Do you know you can grow and are willing to work to make that happen?
  • Do you have high integrity and wish to be congruent in your words and actions?
  • Are you driven and committed to the process of positive personal change?
  • Are you willing to put the work in?
  • Do you value helping others?
  • Do you want to work directly one to one with Michael Legge, The Mindhealth Coach?

If you said yes, then you’re ready!


Mindset for Life™